A real finance professional is never finished learning. Therefore, we invest heavily in our people, but we also educate our clients’ employees. Within the Staan Academy we work interactively, practice-oriented, and with excellent teachers. Also, our courses can be combined with full-time employment.

IMA approved CMA course provider

The CMA credential is your key to greater career potential. Pursue CMA and demonstrate your mastery of the critical accounting and financial management skills needed on the job today. CMAs earn the credential through work experience, a rigorous two-part exam, and continuing education.

Staan Academy has been approved by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), the international association of accountants and financial professionals that awards globally accepted CMA certification as course provider. Staan partners with Wiley, the CMA preparation material provider licensed by the IMA.

Prepare for the future

Artificial Intelligence is already changing businesses. If you are a CMA, you’ll have a competitive edge for whatever the future brings. According to Forbes, “While AI assumes an administrative role to gather and categorize data for accountancy professionals, interpreting that data is becoming a more prominent part of an accountant’s job.” The CMA can help you prepare for the changing role of the accountant.

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We are offering a new course starting August 2019. There are only limited seats available so be quick and don’t miss out on this great program tailored to fulltime working Financials. 

In order to accommodate working professionals, courses are held on a monthly basis (interactive sessions) and all lectures are held in English.

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