Working with Staan means working with people who understand finance and who care about people, organizations and the relationship between them. This combination is the backbone of our promise 'We deliver great people'.

Interim Finance Professionals

Whether for an important project, a reorganization or replacement during illness or pregnancy: our interim professionals hit the ground running. They love responsibility and work at HBO + (college) and WO + (university) level. Through our knowledge of finance we ensure the perfect match between organization and professional.

Finance Recruitment

Of course, putting the right person in the right place is something everybody wants to do. The challenge lies in finding suitable highly educated finance professionals that will also fit well within your organization. Our track record proves that we rise to this challenge again and again.

How can you find highly educated, solid financial personnel? Motivated and reliable people who truly fit into your team? Who are driven to get the best out of themselves? Who always want to learn and share their knowledge with their colleagues? Staan Finance Recruitment separates the diamonds from the rough.

Executive Search

We are driven Executive Search specialists, searching for permanent and interim Finance and Transformation positions. Thanks to our years of expertise within Finance Recruitment and a proven track record of offering our services to multinationals, publicly-quoted companies, family companies, private equity houses and the financial services industry, we are able to respond quickly to your corporate needs. We are committed to speed, transparency and quality. Aside from the desired relevant skills, we make our selection based on the cultural fit between executive and organisation.

Meet the best executives in Finance through Haelermans & Engelsman.


A real finance professional is never finished learning. Therefore, we invest heavily in our people, but we also educate our clients’ employees and other ambitious financials. Within the Staan Academy we work interactively, practice-oriented, and with excellent teachers. Also, our courses can be combined with full-time employment.

The Staan Academy has been accredited by Cedeo and LCS (Lean), and approved by the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), which is the international association of accountants and finance professionals as well as the Associatie. This means that at Staan you can get your CMA certification, earn your permanent education (PE) credits and Lean certification.


As experienced finance professionals, we are passionate about all things finance. Therefore, we gladly become involved in any complex advisory process. We can also be of great help during projects or the optimization of processes. Our expertise can also be rallied in support of the implementation of finance professional systems.

Controlling Services

Not every organization wants to do all its financial work itself. We have extensive experience with the partial or full outsourcing of financial departments, including continuity assurance. We process the accounts, do all tax returns, provide reporting & control and prepare the financial statements. Naturally we do that at the high level you can expect from Staan: tailored to your organization and with a pleasant personal cooperation.


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