Clients’ experiences with Staan

Senior Vice President of Finance at a Top 5 global bank: “Staan’s strength lies in the fact that the partners collectively have a strong financial background, have ‘on the ground’ experience, and therefore an excellent feel for what we as a client expect from the Interim Finance candidate.”

Financial director of a large housing corporation in Amsterdam: “We’ve come to know Staan as a very reliable and knowledgeable partner who, time and time, has been there to find a suitable answer to our capacity needs. Right at the start, clear agreements are made to be subsequently completed. Unexpected developments are either resolved or adequate feedback is given. This method of result-oriented support is an asset, especially in pressing and difficult times, as a manager you can rely on them. Staan and its employees are also open, attentive, communicative, and sensitive.

It’s a pity that they are finished so quickly, and then they go back .”

Self-employed persons’ experiences with Staan

SJ: “I’ve come to know Staan Finance & Consultancy as a party who deals seriously and respectfully with its candidates and pursues the perfect match with the client. That’s why, for me, Staan Finance & Consultancy is a reliable partner with whom I’m happy to do business.”

PB: I have worked with Staan since its start. They are a small business with people who know the interim management market very well. This is due mainly to the fact that they themselves started as an interim office or worked as self-employed individuals in the finance industry.

The advantage is that they know the situation of an interim employee and thus can make a good match between client and interim employee. My experiences have all been purely positive. I have already done 3 assignments for them in 2 ½ years and found their personal approach very pleasant and positive. I have also collaborated with a number of employees at their office on an assignment and they have a professional and positive attitude. Staan doesn’t see you as a product, but as a person! “