Interim candidates

Interim consultants and managers have to stand ready always. Whether it’s a large project, a reorganization or a replacement during maternity: you can count on a Staan financial professional.

Those who work at the hbo+ and wo+ level (graduate degree level) have a great responsibility. That’s why a good selection process is so important for your organization. It needs to click on a personal and a professional level. With Staan you can choose effective people with more than enough knowledge. And you will immediately profit from this.

Why? We believe in commitment, personal contact and the nurturing of relationships. This is evident, among other ways, from the evaluation discussions, which we have both during and after the assignment. Above all, we distinguish ourselves by our profound knowledge of finance and control. We ourselves have in fact worked for years in the field. Therefore, we can quickly shift gears with you and almost complete your sentences.

Are you such an interim financial professional who recognizes the above approach and expectations? And who also makes a difference for the client?

If you are ready, then register and follow our interim assignments online.

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