Recruitment clients

How can you find higher educated, solid financial personnel? Motivated and reliable people who truly fit into your team? Who are driven to get the best out of themselves? Who always want to learn and share their knowledge with their colleagues? Staan Finance Recruitment separates the diamonds from the rough.

Thanks to our years of experience in finance and control and up-to-date knowledge of the labor market, we can provide a good match. We act quickly, but also carefully. Based on an understanding of your organization and a profound understanding of your specific requirements in your new colleague, we select the right undergraduate (hbo+) and graduate (wo+) candidates. Usually we are only one or two calls away from strengthening your organization.

Through our personal approach, flexibility and service, we dare to claim no less than: Staan provides loyal colleagues who are in the right place. Not for nothing, we always build long-lasting relationships with our clients. Relationships based on good listening, openness, knowledge of business and a shared passion for finance and control.

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