As real financials, we are filled to the brim with passion for our profession. That’s why we like to consult on tough advice trajectories or IT projects ourselves. This way, we can offer our customers the best service possible.

Implementation finance systems

Does your organisation need help implementing various affairs, for example an ERP package, new regulations or a finance system? We can be of great value to you when it comes to these projects or the optimisation of processes. At Staan, we possess the necessary knowledge and experience to ensure a successful implementation.

In order to gain clear insight into the problems of your organisation, we organise a thorough intake in which the frameworks within which is being operated are constituted. Expectations, set goals and eventual risks are discussed extensively. Based on a clear plan of approach, we get started. As experienced financials, we possess the necessary knowledge to solve problems with the correct working method, in a short time frame.

Does your organisation lack the time or required knowledge to solve specific problems in-house? Contact us at (020) 303 87 87. We are happy to offer you advice.