Controlling Services

Would you rather not have to take care of all the financial operations in your organisation yourself? Then it’s good to know you can also outsource tasks to us. At Staan, we offer various controlling services.

Accounting control services

Not every organisation wants to perform all their financial operations themselves. We have extensive experience with partially or completely taking over the work of financial departments, including guarantee of continuity. We process the administration, file all the tax returns, take care of the reporting & control, and draw up the annual account. Naturally, it goes without saying that we do this at a level that you can expect from Staan: tailor-made for your organisation and with a pleasant, human cooperation.

Aside from the operational aspect of the administration, we also offer additional services such as setting up a budget, creating a forecast and reporting. We can also function as your organisation’s sparring and/or business partner.

By means of an intake, we establish what is needed in your organisation and determine whether it is wise to make use of our controlling services. If this is the case, we get started in order to better arrange your organisation’s administration, and we can take over various financial operations.

Is your organisation in need of a strong financial who can take on an advisory role, but are you lacking the budget for a full-time arrangement? Then the Staan controlling services can offer a great solution. Contact us at (020) 303 87 87.