Three independent business finance professionals notice that clients are seeking interim and recruitment support from an organization which speaks their language and focuses on quality rather than volume.

At the same time, the founders want to share their own knowledge and experience with other financial personnel, and operate from an organization that is genuinely concerned with its employees.

Therefore, in 2006 they took the first steps toward creating Staan.

2007 – 2009

At the beginning of 2007, Staan Finance & Consultancy is started. Five employees serve the first clients. Little by little Staan gains more recognition with finance managers of leading organizations. This is not for nothing , as Staan consultants are distinguished by quality.

The first successes occur with clients such as ABN AMRO, AkzoNobel, Royal Bank of Scotland, Philips and Heineken. Despite the economic recession following the credit crisis in 2008, Staan continues to grow.

In 2009 Staan signs the lease for a new location in the Brede Kerkepad. In January 2010, the move is made. In 2009 Staan also developed a new look which better suits Staan’s core values: Quality service with a people-oriented approach.

By the end of 2009, Staan has become an agency with many renowned clients and dozens of successfully completed assignments.

2010 – today

From its new home in 2010 Staan starts with the recruitment and selection of (senior) financial personnel for its clients. In a setting where candidates feel at ease, they discuss their needs and skills with the recruitment consultants at Staan. This way Staan makes an even better match between the candidate’s skills and the client’s requirements.

This year Staan is also committed to obtaining a preferred supplier contract with a Top 10 global bank and create relationships with new clients.

In September 2010, Staan launched the new website which integrates seamlessly with the new 2009 look and feel.

Finally, Staan did some extensive research into communication with its clients and candidates. The result? Staan is recognized and valued as high quality and people-oriented. The next step is to become more acquainted with a larger share of the target group. Meanwhile, Staan has grown to twenty employees. In the future, Staan wants to assert itself in the finance community more profiled as an agency specializing in the recruitment and selection of higher educated financial personnel.